What is signage?
Signage is a tool helping people find their way or provide with information. Signs are dependent of the type and speed of transportation. Signage consists of directional, informational and locational types. A good signage system contains a mix of these types, strategically positioned and consistent along the way.

What is mapmaking?
Mapmaking is a tool helping people to orientate and explore. Some map types are diagrams, bird view and three-dimensions representations of the environment. Depending on the scale and size of the map, a selection of content and highlights is shown. A diagrammatic map helps for a quick understanding, while geographic accuracy provides more detail and information. A good map omits excessive information, simplifies information and preserves richness in details.

What is the value of signage?
A well-designed signage system helps people to find their destination without fuzz. Good signage make first-time users feel at ease and becomes invisible for experienced users. This will leave all people with more time spending on their desired activities.

What is the value of mapmaking?
Well-designed maps help people to find and explore new places. Being able to orientate also creates a feeling of safety and comfort. These factors increase user satisfaction with its subsequent positive effects.

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